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Need video editing in Las Vegas? Hello, I’m Ben Ellingson and I edit video professionally in Las Vegas. In the last 14 years I’ve edited video projects aired on ESPN, FOX, ABC, Discovery Channel, CNN, CBS, E!, MTV, and more but... That doesn’t mean you have to be a big network to get my attention to detail and top quality editing. It means that you can be assured that you’ll get the maximum value from your video and my promise that you’ll be thrilled with the result. If you need a video editor that edits quickly, an editor that edits to network standards, and an editor that edits for much less than the other, larger video production companies, you can depend on me. Call 702-400-7785 or email me.

Video Editing in Las Vegas

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I edit Corporate Video, Music Videos, Television Commercials, Wedding Video, Trade-Show Video, Documentary Video, and just about anything else. Samples below...

Professional video editing using Final Cut Pro 7.0 and Sony Vegas but am skilled with most other non-linear editors, like Adobe Premiere, MSP, and AVID systems.

Need 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround? Check!

Need logos or graphics created? No sweat.

I also have a large network of audio and video professionals in Las Vegas, so if I’m not the best fit for your video project, I’ll probably know someone who is.

Call 702-400-7785 or email me.

Best priced Professional HD Audio & Video Editing in Las Vegas! Guaranteed!

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Ben Ellingson ~ Video Editor/Steadicam & Camera Crane Operator / Producer

(One of four Video Editing Stations)

8 Core 3.2ghz i7, 16GB ram, 50” main monitor, 2x40” secondary monitors.

Never lose your video data! Guaranteed! Current projects are stored on quadruple redundant RAID 5 servers with a capacity over 15 terabytes, keeping you data safe is top priority.

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I specialize in info-product development and creation. Concept to shooting, editing to packaging.

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Music Video Production in Las Vegas.

Call me at 702-400-7785 and see for yourself why my work has been featured by these companies and many more. Everything I do is guaranteed to impress! Need more than what you see here? Visit my partner site:

-Ben Ellingson / Audio Video Specialist